Empower your organization with no-code workflow automation and data management tools

Are you part of the no-code revolution yet? No database or coding expertise needed to create custom apps to automate and streamline your business processes

Replace MS Access

MS Access is too old and too cumbersome to work with. Replace Access with a modern, online, team focused platform

Shared Online Database

Leverage a simple team database to organize important business information

Replace MS Excel and Google Sheets

Spreadsheets can only help manage processes to an extent. Graduate to relational databases and workflow automation.

Workflow Management System

Manage information flow, process steps, assignments and responsibilities, approvals, and notifications in one place.

Online HTML Form Builder

Just drag and drop and build highly tailored HTML forms to gather data from your stakeholders

Online Database Solution

Build relational database apps online

Web Forms

Build web forms, share via a link or embed right on your website

Work Management System

Manage tasks, workflow, assignments, responsibilities and deadlines